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Made $10,200+ in 6 weeks
“I only spend about 30 min a day managing my business. With the sales it generates at the moment, I pay myself the same salary that I used to get in full-time employment working 40 hour per week!”
Miandra, New Zealand
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Made $3,900+ in 5 weeks
“This is my first time doing ecommerce! Sellvia has the products I was looking for, and guarantees the shipping turnaround I needed to give my business the edge to attract customers.”
Joann, Canada
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Made $18,000+ in 4 months
“Sellvia has resolved the shipping time issue – the biggest concern for me! I like that they have ad campaigns readily available for the products.”
Sotirios, Greece
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Made $5,500+ in 7 months
“This is my first online store. It is amazing fun to run it. There are enough products so I can expand my business into other areas and increase revenue.”
Martin, Denmark
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Made $3,600+ in 3 months
“Sellvia is an absolute champ when it comes to taking care of shipping, logistics, and product handling. It’s encouraging to think where this can go!“
Jack, Australia
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