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Why High-Ticket Dropshipping Is The Most Profitable Form Of Dropshipping [Real Example]

by Artemis K. | | 9 min read

Ever wondered if dropshipping can truly bring fortunes? High-ticket dropshipping is exactly what can shatter some myths. It’s not just profitable – it’s a gold mine. Joe Verschoor’s journey from an average income of $2K to a staggering $250K per month is a testament to this. But what’s the secret to making such an astronomical leap in earnings? Dive into Joe’s inspiring story to discover the incredible potential of high-ticket dropshipping.

High-ticket dropshipping: crafting wealth with every sale

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Haven’t you ever heard about high-ticket dropshipping? No big deal. High-ticket dropshipping breaks away from traditional ecommerce models. It’s dropshipping where the focus is on quality over quantity.

High-ticket dropshipping is a business model that implies selling expensive items with high profit margins.

What’s so special about it? Here are the core elements that make high-ticket dropshipping a game-changer.

  • Sky-high profit margins

In high-ticket dropshipping, each sale brings a substantial financial gain. Unlike typical dropshipping, where profits are often slim and depend on high volumes, high-ticket items can yield significant returns on a single sale. For instance, selling a luxury watch or a high-end piece of furniture can bring in profits equal to hundreds of sales of lower-priced items. This model aligns well with the growing trend of consumers seeking quality over quantity, as noted in a report.

  • Effort vs. reward: a balanced approach

High-ticket dropshipping optimizes your effort-to-reward ratio. Selling fewer items but with higher profit margins means you can achieve your financial goals with less stress and more efficiency. This approach not only reduces the operational workload but also allows for more focused marketing and customer service efforts. It’s a business model that respects both your time and investment, making it an increasingly popular choice among entrepreneurs, as seen in ecommerce trends.

  • A focus on quality and necessity

Unlike impulse buys or trendy items, high-ticket products cater to a market that values necessity and quality. These customers are not just looking for the best price; they’re seeking the best solution to their needs. Whether it’s high-end audio equipment, designer furniture, or advanced tech gadgets, the demand for quality and functionality is at the heart of high-ticket dropshipping. This focus on essential, high-quality products aligns with current consumer behavior trends, where buyers are more willing to invest in products that offer real value and long-term satisfaction.

Joe Verschoor’s success in high-ticket dropshipping is a testament to the efficacy of this approach. By targeting the right products and market, Joe was able to transform his business model into a highly profitable venture.

This approach is one of the fastest ways to significant profits, a strategy perfectly executed by Joe Verschoor.

Joe Verschoor’s high-ticket dropshipping story: from corporate life to ecommerce titan

Joe Verschoor, a high-ticket dropshipper story hero

“Dropshipping drastically changed my life. Best decision I’ve ever made myself.”

Meet Joe Verschoor. At 26, after graduating from Iowa State University, Joe found himself disillusioned with the monotonous routine of his corporate sales job at Corporate America. Yearning for something more fulfilling, he embarked on a quest for the perfect business model during the pandemic’s peak. His journey led him to the world of dropshipping, but it was the allure of high-ticket dropshipping that truly captivated him.

Joe was determined to create a business model where each sale was impactful and meaningful – a stark contrast to the high-volume, low-profit standard dropshipping approach. He wanted his business to not just make sales, but to make a difference. This ambition set him on the path to becoming a high-ticket dropshipping titan.

What high-ticket products to sell? Joe knows firsthand!

Here comes Joe’s winning high-ticket niches.

  • Tire Changers

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Recognizing the constant demand in car accessories stores, Joe recommended tapping into this market, understanding its ongoing need for quality tire changing equipment. This niche proved to be a steady source of revenue due to its essential nature in the automotive industry.

  • UV Aqua Sterilizers

a picture showing a product with a high profit margin -- it's aqua purifier

With an increasing focus on health and cleanliness, Joe saw the potential in UV aqua sterilizers. These devices, crucial for ensuring safe and clean water, resonated with health-conscious households, making them a consistently sought-after product in the market.

  • Gate Opener Kits

a picture showing what high-ticket products are -- it's a gate opener

Joe identified a unique opportunity in luxury home automation with gate opener kits. These products not only added convenience to homeowners but also a touch of modern luxury, appealing to a market segment willing to invest in home enhancements.

  • Aqua Pumps

a picture showing aqua pumps to sell online

Versatile and necessary across multiple settings, from residential to commercial, aqua pumps deserve special attention because it can be a key product. Their wide range of applications ensured a broad customer base and steady sales.

Joe’s philosophy is straightforward: sell products that fulfill a need, not a whim.

Imagine, nobody buys pumps for fun or enjoyment. People buy them because they need them to do the job.

This approach ensures high demand and easy promotion. His advice? Understand the product’s utility and market it effectively.

William Chatterson: a 6-figure business in the shortest time possible

introduce William Chatterson making $175K/Mo with high-ticket dropshipping

William Chatterson’s story is not just another high-ticket dropshipping story, but one more powerful testament to the potential of high-ticket dropshipping. Starting with no prior experience in ecommerce and juggling a 9-to-5 job, he faced early challenges in understanding online marketing and balancing his job with his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Despite initial setbacks in low-ticket dropshipping, William’s persistence led him to discover high-ticket dropshipping. High-ticket dropshipping appealed to William for its substantial profit margins, lower competition, brand prestige, and efficient time management.

In late 2020, he made a bold decision to leave his regular job and dive full-time into high-ticket dropshipping. This leap of faith, driven by his belief in the potential of high profit margin items, paid off when he made his first significant sale of $1,200 in December 2020.

By February, William had generated $20K, and by April, he astonishingly scaled to $340,000 in a month. From April 2021 to September 2022, he amassed over $3M in revenue, with an average sale value exceeding $4,200. In less than three years, at 22, William generated a staggering $11.5M in revenues. His journey from an ordinary job holder to a high-earning entrepreneur is not just a career change but a demonstration of the transformative power of ecommerce.

Brook Hiddink: from law school to a $10M venture

a picture of high-ticket ecommerce specialist

Brook Hiddink’s journey from law school to ecommerce success is a tale of resilience, adaptability, and triumph in the high-ticket dropshipping world.

Initially set on a legal career in Toronto, Brook found himself drawn to the online business realm, driven by a desire for something more fulfilling beyond the conventional legal path. Facing the challenge of law school debt, he took a plunge into dropshipping, an experience marked by early struggles with selling low-quality products and several unsuccessful ventures.

However, Brook’s determination led him to the niche of high-ticket ecommerce, a decision that eventually catalyzed his path to success. Despite the financial burdens of courses and mentorship, he remained undeterred.

During the pandemic, he dedicated himself to his online store, and by December 2021, his efforts bore fruit with an impressive monthly revenue of over $200,000. This success prompted a pivotal decision — leaving law school to fully embrace his flourishing ecommerce business.

Today, Brook’s venture boasts over $5 million in revenue within just the first 16 months, exemplifying the lucrative potential of high-ticket dropshipping. His story serves as a powerful example for aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, Brook’s initial steps into ecommerce weren’t without challenges. His first advertising campaign, characterized by high interest but no sales, is a common hurdle for beginners in online selling.

Yet, Brook’s relentless spirit saw him through these early obstacles. After months of perseverance and learning from failures, he achieved his first significant sale, earning over $14,000 with a profit exceeding $3,000. This milestone was more than a financial gain; it was a testament to his resolve and capability.

Discover your potential with high-ticket dropshipping business by Sellvia

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Inspired by Joe Verschoor’s remarkable success? Sellvia paves the way for you to tap into the profitable domain of high-ticket dropshipping quickly and effortlessly. Here’s how Sellvia can be the cornerstone of your high-ticket dropshipping business.

Get a high-ticket dropshipping in a couple of clicks.

  • A ready-to-go online store

Jumpstart your journey with a store primed for success, specifically tailored for the high-ticket market. This store is not just ready to operate but is fine-tuned to attract high-value customers.

  • Exclusive selection of 1,000 high-ticket products

Choose from an extensive range of products, each meticulously selected for their high profit potential. This diverse selection covers various niches, ensuring that you can cater to a wide audience while maintaining high margins.

  • Potential profits up to $5,000 per sale

Imagine earning thousands from a single transaction. With Sellvia, this is not just a possibility but a regular occurrence, maximizing your earnings with each sale.

  • Top-notch 24/7 support

You’re not alone on your way to success. Sellvia’s dedicated support team is there to guide you at every step, ensuring a smooth and successful journey in the high-ticket space.

Why team up with Sellvia and no one else?

a picture showing Sellvia -- new-level ecosystem for you to run a business with and make money online

  • Minimum initial investment

A good business is the one that doesn’t make you put everything at stake. With Sellvia, you can start your business journey with minimum financial stress ever ensured. We’re committed to removing the barriers to entry that many entrepreneurs face.

  • User-friendly experience for all

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned ecommerce professional, Sellvia’s ecosystem is intuitive and user-friendly, making your transition into high-ticket dropshipping seamless and efficient.

  • Continual learning and growth

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge with Sellvia’s extensive resources and tutorials. These tools are designed to help you refine your strategy and grow your business continuously.

Your high-ticket dropshipping story begins here

Joe Verschoor’s journey from an everyday job to a thriving ecommerce business is not just inspiring – it’s a path that you too can follow.

With Sellvia, you have all the tools and support needed to build a successful high-ticket dropshipping store.

Envision a future where each sale brings substantial profits, where your online business provides not just income but also freedom and fulfillment.

This high-ticket dropshipping story is not just a living example of how to create a six-figure business easily. It’s has already served a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs willing to move from zero to hero as quickly as possible. Start your high-ticket dropshipping business with Sellvia today. Embrace the opportunity to enter a world of financial success and turn your ecommerce dreams into reality. One day or day one. You’re the boss, you decide.

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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