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How Much Do Dropshippers Really Make In 2024? Let’s Find Out!

by Denis K. | | 13 min read

Curious about how much dough dropshippers are making in 2024? Wondering how quickly you can start seeing those first sales roll in, or how long it might take before you enjoy a steady stream of income from your online store? You’re in the right spot – let’s dive into these big questions.

The buzz around making money from dropshipping is huge, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to kick back and watch their bank balance grow, all while living the dream on a sunny beach somewhere? Sounds pretty sweet, right?

But getting a straight answer to “How much do dropshippers make?” can feel like trying to count the stars in the sky – it’s pretty tricky. That’s why we’re here to sift through real stories from folks who’ve been there, done that with dropshipping. They’ve got the scoops, from happy victory dances to those “oops” moments we can all learn from.

By sharing their journeys, we get to snag some of their clever tricks and tips.

Ready to see what the dropshipping world has in store for you? Let’s get started on unraveling the money mystery and plot our course to dropshipping awesomeness.

How much can dropshippers really earn in 2024? Inside look with Sellvia

Wondering about the real deal with dropshipping earnings in 2024? Whether it’s figuring out when those first sales might hit or how long until you’re seeing a steady income, we’re diving into all the nitty-gritty details right here.

Understanding your potential earnings from starting a dropshipping business comes with its own set of questions. Several factors play a crucial role here – think location, niche selection, suppliers, and the specific products you choose. It’s a mixed bag, meaning pinning down an average income for newly minted store owners isn’t straight forward.

That’s why we’re spotlighting some standout stories from our community at Sellvia. These stories not only inspire but also offer you a clearer picture of what’s achievable.

Strory #1: How Alex made $1,000 from one sale

Meet Alex, a dynamic 29-year-old from sunny Florida, balancing roles as a devoted mother, project manager, martial arts enthusiast, and philanthropist, while excelling in high-ticket dropshipping. Venturing into ecommerce with Sellvia, Alex transitioned from selling low-cost items to high-ticket products, marking a pivotal shift in her career. Her first significant breakthrough came with a couch sale, netting her $1,000 and igniting her passion for ecommerce. With no prior experience in digital marketing, Alex leveraged Sellvia’s comprehensive support and her tech background to overcome initial uncertainties. Her journey, supported by her husband’s unwavering encouragement, highlights a leap from skepticism to success. Now, Alex envisions ecommerce as a path to financial freedom, allowing her more time with her family and expanding her charitable efforts. Alex’s story is a testament to the transformative power of ambition, support, and strategic action in the ecommerce realm.

Strory #2: Kate’s $70K in 30 days with TikTok

Imagine Kate Amanda, stepping into the online marketplace without any prior experience and, within a month, generating a staggering $70,000 from TikTok. For many, it may sound like a modern-day fairy tale, yet for Kate, this achievement was a thrilling reality. TikTok, often known for its viral dances and entertaining videos, became Kate’s unexpected platform for success, demonstrating its potential beyond entertainment as a powerful ecommerce tool.

With no background in online sales, Kate recognized the untapped potential of TikTok to reach a vast audience. She dedicated herself to understanding the platform’s dynamics, focusing on creating engaging, authentic content that resonated with TikTok’s user base. Her efforts to present her products through entertaining videos struck a chord, transforming her from a novice to an ecommerce sensation almost overnight.

Kate’s journey underscores the power of creativity and adaptability in the digital age. By leveraging TikTok’s unique culture and her innovative approach to marketing, she not only achieved remarkable sales figures but also laid the groundwork for future endeavors. Inspired by her initial success, Kate is now poised for greater achievements, eagerly exploring new opportunities within the TikTok ecosystem and beyond.

Strory #3: Sam’s Vacuum Store’s Breakthrough ($2K+ with no investments)

Meet Samuel, a 31-year-old former automotive technician from Nebraska, who turned his life around with dropshipping after losing his job. In the face of adversity, including a challenging job market and his wife’s health issues, Samuel discovered Sellvia and took a leap into ecommerce. With zero experience and driven by the need to support his family, he launched his dropshipping store. Astoundingly, in his first week, he made five sales from a single TikTok post, earning $2,346. This initial success, though modest, was monumental for Samuel, proving the power of determination and the potential of ecommerce. Now, he’s not just surviving; he’s planning to expand his business, inspired to achieve financial freedom and provide for his family like never before. Samuel’s journey is a powerful reminder that with the right tools and a bit of courage, transformation is within reach.

Strory #4: Sotirios’ $0 to $18K+ in sales

Meet Sotirios, a 61-year-old former IT consultant from Greece, who embraced the world of ecommerce with a shift towards dropshipping. With previous experience on eBay, Sotirios sought a larger platform for growth and found his niche in car accessories through Sellvia. Within just five months, his dedication bore fruit, achieving $18K in sales from 438 orders. His secret? Leveraging Facebook ads for heightened engagement and sales, notably amplified by holiday promotions. As Sotirios looks to the future, he’s focused on enhancing his advertising techniques, expanding his product line, and exploring email marketing. His ambition doesn’t stop at improving his current store; he dreams of opening another, proving it’s never too late to pursue entrepreneurial success.

Strory #4: How Jack made $3,600 in sales and became a successful business owner

Meet Jack, a single dad from Melbourne who transformed his curiosity in ecommerce into a thriving venture. With no background in online sales, Jack embarked on his journey by selecting a niche he was passionate about: automotive accessories, using Sellvia for his store’s foundation. His venture quickly paid off, with his store generating over $3,600 from just 66 orders within a few months. Starting with an initial investment of $1,000 and a small selection of products, Jack has significantly expanded his inventory, attracting a growing customer base.

Through experimenting with various marketing strategies, including paid advertisements and leveraging organic social media, Jack and his team have found their rhythm. The exhilaration of his first sale confirmed that his decision to dive into ecommerce was more than just a hopeful gamble. Jack’s story is a testament to the idea that with determination, strategic investment, and creative marketing, transforming a side hustle into a successful business is entirely possible.

Strory #5: Jeff’s path to $26K with just a few clicks

Jeff, breaking free from the confines of a 9-5 job, embarked on an extraordinary journey into high-ticket dropshipping, despite having no background in online sales. His bold move was swiftly rewarded when he astonishingly generated $26,000 in his debut month, with a single transaction contributing a staggering $14,995. This transition from a conventional corporate role to a successful ecommerce entrepreneur exemplifies the immense potential within the digital marketplace. Jeff’s story is a powerful testament to the idea that with determination and the correct strategy, achieving financial independence through ecommerce is not only possible but within reach. As he continues on his path, Jeff’s initial success is just the beginning of what promises to be a bright and prosperous future.

Strory #6: Trevor’s $30K dropshipping journey

Embarking on a dropshipping venture with minimal ecommerce experience, Trevor discovered the lucrative potential of high-ticket items. His significant breakthrough was achieved through the sale of five high-end grills, culminating in an impressive $30,000 from a single transaction. Trevor’s success is attributed to his strategic use of Bing ads and his ability to identify profitable niches, demonstrating that volume isn’t the only path to substantial earnings in the dropshipping realm. With a newfound optimism and a plan to diversify his product offerings and penetrate new markets, Trevor’s journey underscores the transformative impact of high-ticket dropshipping, offering a blueprint for others to follow in his footsteps.

Strory #7: At just 18 y.o. Ben made $100K/week

At the youthful age of 18, Ben dramatically exceeded all expectations by generating over $100K in revenue within a single week from his dropshipping venture. Lacking previous experience but equipped with an astute sense of market trends, Ben embarked on an online entrepreneurial path. His strategic selection of high-ticket items, coupled with effective use of TikTok advertising, propelled his sales to an astonishing $175,500.44. Beyond the financial success, Ben’s journey illustrates the impact of innovative marketing and the importance of matching products with market needs. Looking ahead, Ben is eager to expand his marketing approaches and delve into new product arenas, embodying the essence that entrepreneurial success knows no age limit.

Strory #8: How Kelly went from college to making $28K

Transitioning from a college student with a part-time job to a successful entrepreneur, Kelly’s story embodies ambition and determination. Venturing into high-ticket dropshipping, she identified market needs and capitalized on them, earning $28,000 in a single month. Her strategy was a combination of selecting in-demand products and excelling in digital marketing techniques. This achievement illustrates that with the right approach, neither age nor prior experience are obstacles in achieving ecommerce success. Now adeptly managing both her day job and her online store, Kelly sets an example for young entrepreneurs striving to achieve financial independence and business expansion.

These stories from Sellvia clients not only inspire but also offer a roadmap to what’s possible in the dropshipping world. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, the combination of the right strategy, platform, and niche can unlock remarkable success.

Keen to learn more about their strategies and how you can replicate this success? Dive deeper into the world of dropshipping with Sellvia and start shaping your ecommerce empire today.

Elevate your dropshipping success with high-ticket items and Sellvia


Are you ready to propel your dropshipping business to greater heights? Sellvia’s high-ticket dropshipping strategy might just be the breakthrough you need. This approach goes beyond mere online selling; it’s about creating an unparalleled shopping experience with premium products that not only attract customers but also significantly enhance your profits.

Get your store launched with Sellvia

Sellvia is here to turn your dream into a lucrative online store. We do more than just stock your inventory with sought-after items; we ensure your shop operates seamlessly, with a primary focus on profitability. Our ready-to-launch templates guarantee that your store is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.

User-friendly platform with a robust supplier network

With Sellvia, managing your store is effortless. Our platform streamlines the entire process, from order management to product updates, connecting you with a global customer base. You’ll have access to an extensive range of exceptional products, complete with detailed information to boost your marketing campaigns. Plus, our fast shipping will keep your customers returning.

Why high-ticket items are a game-changer


Sellvia stands out by identifying high-ticket products that offer you substantial profit margins.

  • Select collection: We meticulously select each product to ensure it aligns with your customers’ desires.
  • Higher profits per sale: Selling high-ticket items moves you closer to achieving your financial aspirations.
  • Efficient restocking: Reorder bestsellers at lower costs, further maximizing your profits.
  • Comprehensive fulfillment solutions: We handle all shipping and logistics, ensuring customer satisfaction and simplifying your operations.

Imagine operating an online store that’s not just profitable but also minimizes returns due to the superior quality of the products offered. With Sellvia, you’re not merely starting a business; you’re establishing a brand synonymous with excellence and dependability.

How to calculate your dropshipping profits?

Understanding how to calculate your dropshipping profit is essential for any ecommerce entrepreneur. The key is to subtract the cost price of the item from your selling price. However, don’t forget to include overhead expenses like shipping, returns, and store maintenance in your calculations.

Opting for low-cost, high-margin potential products is a strategic move. Items costing between $1 and $20, sold for $20 to $50 or more, are ideal. Experience and data from successful dropshipping websites suggest aiming for a profit margin between 40% and 70%.

For a clear calculation, here’s the formula we’ve found effective:


For further assistance, consider using tools like our Dropshipping Profit Calculator to estimate potential earnings.

Key Factors Influencing Dropshipping Profits

  • Niche selection

The importance of choosing the right niche cannot be overstated. Research a niche’s viability based on product availability, buyer interest, and promotional potential.

  • Payment gateways

The diversity and efficiency of your payment gateways can significantly impact customer conversion rates. Familiarize yourself with the best options for your store and remember, each comes with its own set of processing fees.

  • Marketing and advertising

Your marketing efforts are pivotal. Starting with basic, cost-effective strategies to understand your audience can lay a strong foundation. As your budget allows, investing in paid advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram is crucial for attracting potential customers more quickly, though it will increase your advertising expenses.

  • Shipping costs

Shipping fees play a critical role in determining the final price of your product and, consequently, your profit margins. Explore our detailed article on managing shipping costs effectively.

  • Miscellaneous costs

Don’t overlook other expenses such as software purchases, influencer collaborations, and taxes, which can all affect your bottom line.

By considering these factors, you’re well-equipped to maximize your dropshipping profits. Remember, success in ecommerce is not just about selling; it’s about smart, strategic planning and execution.

Unveiling dropshipping earnings: A comprehensive overview

Reflecting on the diverse stories of dropshipping entrepreneurs, what insights emerge regarding potential earnings?

  • Unlimited earning potential

The income from dropshipping varies significantly among individuals, yet a common thread ties them together: the absence of earnings ceilings. Dropshipping entrepreneurs face no restrictions on sales volume, pricing strategies, or overall revenue. This limitless potential serves as a powerful incentive to continually develop and expand their businesses.

  • Experience is not a prerequisite

A notable observation is that many successful dropshippers began with little to no experience in the field. While expertise in IT, digital marketing, or dropshipping itself can be advantageous, it’s not a requirement for success. With the right tools and resources, anyone can launch a profitable dropshipping store, even without prior knowledge or experience.

  • Overcoming challenges

The dropshipping model’s adaptability means that external factors, such as global holidays or personal vacations, don’t necessarily jeopardize your business’s success. Stories of entrepreneurs navigating these challenges underscore the model’s resilience and flexibility, ensuring that with proper planning, your store can thrive under various conditions.

  • Beyond financial gains

While earnings are a significant aspect of dropshipping, the value of owning and operating your own business extends beyond mere financial success. The autonomy of running a store, as highlighted in personal success stories, brings a sense of fulfillment and motivation that surpasses the fear of working for someone else’s gain.

In conclusion, the question of how much dropshippers make is influenced by several controllable factors. The beauty of dropshipping lies in the fact that the profits you generate from your store are entirely yours, offering both financial rewards and personal satisfaction.

by Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’ audience.
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