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Why High-Ticket Dropshipping Is The Most Profitable Business Option [Real Examples]

by Artemis K. | | 13 min read

Welcome to high-ticket dropshipping, one of the most lucrative segments of the ecommerce world. This guide is crafted for you, the aspiring ecommerce enthusiast who is eager to learn and succeed. Our goal is to unmask this business model and show you why it’s not just a profitable avenue but the golden path in the dropshipping world. With Sellvia by your side, from setting up your store to sourcing high profit margin best-sellers, you’re already on the runway to success. Let’s take off into this world!

What is high-ticket dropshipping?

At its core, high-ticket dropshipping is a refined ecommerce strategy focusing on selling premium, higher-priced products through the dropshipping business model.

Unlike traditional dropshipping, which often involves selling a large volume of lower-priced items, the big-ticket one centers around products that command a higher sale price, typically ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per item.

  • Why high-ticket dropshipping is a money-making venture

High-ticket items are not just about bigger numbers. By selling fewer items but with higher profit margins, you reduce the complexity of your operations.

This means less time spent on customer service per sale, fewer orders to process, and a more manageable business that can scale more easily.

The process starts when a customer places an order on your online store. You forward the order details to your supplier, who then ships the product directly to your customer.

This model eliminates the need for you to manage inventory, handle shipping logistics, or invest in stock upfront. At the same time, it provides you with high profits – what else is needed?

High-ticket dropshipping sets itself apart:

  • Product selection: In this model you sell products that not only command a higher price but also offer significant value to the customer. These items are often in the luxury category or are specialized products within niche markets, such as high-end electronics, designer furniture, or outdoor gear.
  • Increased profit margins: The most evident advantage is the potential for significantly higher profit margins. Selling high-priced items means that even with a lower sales volume, your business can generate substantial profits. The math is straightforward. Higher-priced items offer a greater return on investment with each sale. Selling a $1,000 item with a 30% profit margin gives you $300, whereas you would need to sell thirty $100 items at the same margin to make the same amount.
  • Less competition: The high-ticket dropshipping market is less saturated. Many dropshippers focus on low-cost items, fearing the investment in expensive goods. This opens up a lane for you to dominate specific niches with less competition.
  • Lower transaction number: With a focus on high-value items, the number of transactions required to reach revenue targets is lower. This can lead to more manageable customer service demands and lower operational costs.

High-ticket dropshipping: the numbers

With dropshipping’s growth from $111.28 billion in 2018 to a projected $557.9 billion by 2025, its viability is undeniable. In particular, it’s emerging as a lucrative niche, promising higher profits and scalability.

A smart strategy in this booming market is choosing products with year-round demand to avoid the unpredictability of seasonal trends. Focusing on items priced over $1,000 significantly boosts profit margins – making $1,000 from a single sale is far more efficient than the laborious process of selling 100 units of a $30 product for the same profit. This approach embodies the ethos of working smarter, not harder.

This is the beauty of high-ticket dropshipping. It’s not just about selling more, it’s about selling smarter and receiving more.

Take a look at some product examples from various niches and categories that showcase exactly how you can score big with them.

  • Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner

best high-ticket dropshipping products to sell

Price for You: $810.95
Suggested Retail Price: $2,099.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,289.04

This recliner isn’t just a chair; it’s a wellness hub. Advanced features like zero gravity simulation, heating, and Bluetooth speakers make it highly valuable. High-ticket means high profit margins for sellers.

  • Wireless Foot Massager with Air Compression

best high-ticket dropshipping products to sell

Price for You: $302.80
Suggested Retail Price: $1,499.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,197.19

This foot massager uses advanced graphene infrared heat therapy and air compression, making it a premium product. It’s perfect for high-ticket dropshipping due to its sophisticated tech and high profit potential.

  • Smart Secure Filing Cabinet with Fingerprint Lock

dropshipping products with high-profit margin to sell

Price for You: $1,512.49
Suggested Retail Price: $3,054.49
Your Potential Profit: $1,542.00

This filing cabinet with a fingerprint lock is both stylish and highly secure. This item ensures excellent profit margins, making it a lucrative product for sellers.

  • Luxury LED Shower System with Polished Brass Finish

high profit margin products to sell

Price for You: $780.95
Suggested Retail Price: $1,799.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,019.04

This LED shower system offers luxury and advanced features, making it a high-ticket item. Its high price ensures great profit margins for sellers.

  • Wall-Mounted Luxury Thermostatic Shower System

most profitable products to sell online

Price for You: $727.49
Retail Price: $1,899.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,172.50

This luxury shower system is multifunctional and made of premium materials. Its high price makes it a profitable high-ticket product.

  • Modern LED Smart Mirror with Touch Switch

high-ticket dropshipping

Price for You: $613.65
Retail Price: $1,669.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,056.34

This smart mirror with LED lights and touch switch is a highly promising item. Its innovative design and high price point offer great profit margins for sellers.]

Keep learning: Earn more from each sale!
  • Luxurious Minimalist Upholstered Bed

how to sell expensive products

Price for You: $3,358.49
Retail Price: $4,193.59
Your Potential Profit: $835.10

This Italian upholstered bed offers luxury and comfort. Its high price makes it a profitable product to to gain much from.

  • Deluxe French Country Double Bed

to make money online -- high-ticket dropshipping

Price for You: $3,256.99
Retail Price: $4,399.59
Your Potential Profit: $1,142.60

This French Country Double Bed is a luxury statement piece. Is it expensive? No way – is a blend of comfort and usability that will bring you a fortune.

  • Luxury Multi-Functional Smart Massage Bed

how to start a luxury business

Price for You: $2,200.00
Retail Price: $3,299.00
Your Potential Profit: $1,099.00

This Smart Massage Bed combines luxury and advanced features. Not every bed can provide a client with such level of comfort – this is why it’s a perfect pick for lovers of comfort.

  • Fully Automatic Cat Litter Box Smart Cat Toilet

make big bucks online

Price for You: $1,107.49
Retail Price: $2,199.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,092.50

This Smart Cat Toilet offers convenience and advanced technology. This is exactly what cat lovers look for – it will ensure great profit margins for you.

  • Outdoor Large Gas and Charcoal Grill

sell luxury products

Price for You: $2,245.49
Retail Price: $3,599.99
Your Potential Profit: $1,354.50

This versatile grill combo offers 4-in-1 functionality. Customers love all-in-one solutions – and this is exactly what this item offers.

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Don’t you still believe in this business model? Hold on, take a look at real-life success stories of people who have found success selling high-ticket products.

Real examples of high-ticket dropshipping success

These inspiring examples showcase entrepreneurs who have significantly boosted their earnings by focusing on selling premium, high-value products. Get ready to learn from their journeys, highlighting the profitability and potential of adopting a high-ticket dropshipping strategy.

  • $1,000 from one sale: Alex’s Story

high-ticket dropshipping success stories

Imagine being a busy mom, project manager, and martial arts fan. That’s Alex! But she wanted more and ventured into selling high-priced items online, a completely new area for her.

With Sellvia’s help, Alex launched her Amazon store. She took a big leap and started selling high-ticket items. Her breakthrough came when she sold a couch, earning a $1,000 profit.

To draw customers, Alex used Amazon ads and special discounts, which quickly paid off. Within a month, she celebrated her first major sale. Sellvia supported her with tools and advice, including social media strategies.

Alex’s journey shows how focusing on high-priced items can be very rewarding. Now, she’s planning to grow her business even more.

  • Anthony’s path to $10M with high-ticket dropshipping


Anthony started with just a dream and turned it into a $10 million reality. He didn’t have a big startup fund, just belief in high-ticket dropshipping and relentless drive.

Initially, he sold lower-priced items. The game-changer came when he focused on fewer but more expensive products. The result? Bigger profits from single sales.

From making his first $1,200 sale to generating $340,000 in a month, and eventually reaching $11.5 million in revenue, Anthony’s journey showcases the power of selling premium products. His success proves that with the right approach, anyone can achieve greatness in ecommerce.

  • Parker’s leap from hardship to high-ticket success


Meet Parker, a regular guy who changed his life at 25 with just his laptop and determination. Struggling on food stamps, he discovered dropshipping at 22. Through relentless effort and focusing on high-ticket items, his online store flourished, turning into a multi-million dollar empire by 23, generating over $5 million.

Parker’s success wasn’t just financial. He retired his mother and bought his dream Lamborghini. His journey shows the power of perseverance and the potential of high-ticket dropshipping.

  • From the army to ecommerce: Ason’s story


Ason Figueroa‘s journey showcases the power of determination in ecommerce. From modest beginnings and military challenges, he turned to high-ticket dropshipping, proving that your past doesn’t define your future. Embracing technology and overcoming early setbacks in low-ticket ecommerce led him to significant success.

Ason hit a peak with $94.82K in revenue in one month, including a $10K order. These figures reflect his hard work and smart strategy, demonstrating the profitability of high-ticket dropshipping.

His story is a powerful reminder that with the right mindset and tactics, extraordinary results in ecommerce are achievable, no matter your background.

  • Peter’s $2,000 from one sale


Peter transitioned from a construction job to earning $10,000 a day in ecommerce by focusing on high-ticket dropshipping. Starting in 2017, he faced initial setbacks with eBay and AliExpress, which led to debt. His breakthrough came when he applied his knowledge of high-value items from construction to online sales. This shift allowed him to achieve $8.42K from just four orders.

Selling luxury items like dining tables and sofas, Peter boosted his profit margins with fewer sales. This approach reduced operational hassles and positioned his brand in a niche market with less competition, attracting loyal customers.

Peter’s story highlights the potential of high-ticket dropshipping, offering a guide for those looking to succeed by rethinking their ecommerce strategy.

  • How Jeff made $26,000 in his first month


Jeff transitioned from a corporate job to high-ticket dropshipping, achieving financial freedom. Initially working in law enforcement and airlines, Jeff turned to ecommerce, focusing on expensive products. His strategic shift led to $26,000 in a single month, including a $14,995 sale.

Starting with traditional dropshipping, Jeff faced debt and setbacks. Inspired by an online course, he pivoted to high-ticket items, targeting premium products. This approach led to significant sales, including government agency clients.

Jeff’s success story shows how high-ticket dropshipping can provide financial independence. His focus on quality over quantity and strategic marketing with Google Ads highlights the potential for substantial earnings in this field.

  • Trevor Zhang’s $30,000 with 1 order


Trevor Zhang found a great way to make money online by selling really expensive items, which is called high-ticket dropshipping. He used to work regular jobs, but then he started his own online store. As a result, he made a huge sale of $30,000 in one go by selling five luxury grills at more than $5,000 each to a company. He found his buyer using Bing ads, which was a smart and different way to do it.

Trevor changed his selling approach to focus on these expensive items because they bring in more money per sale. He learned how to make his website show up better in Google searches so more people could find his products. Trevor also used a neat trick with a random word generator to come up with new product ideas to check if they could make good money using Google Trends.

By selling items that cost a lot, like over $1,000, Trevor made more profit from each sale and didn’t have to deal with lots of orders.

His success shows that selling high-cost items can really pay off, giving you a chance to make a lot of money with the right approach.

  • Kelly’s $28,000 from 1 dropshipping order


Kelly, a busy student, became a successful entrepreneur by smartly diving into ecommerce. After finishing university, she took an Amazon selling course and worked part-time. High-ticket dropshipping was her breakthrough.

In just 30 days, Kelly earned $28,000, including a $16,000 sale from a high-end grill. Big sales meant fewer customers and lower ad costs, boosting her profits significantly.

Despite challenges like blocked ads and building a website from scratch, Kelly persisted. By August, her hard work paid off.

Now, Kelly balances her day job with managing her online store, planning for growth. Her story shows that dedication and smart choices in high-ticket dropshipping can lead to ecommerce success.

Don’t waste your time: start high-ticket dropshipping today!

This business model offers an exciting opportunity to get started in ecommerce. With the right approach, dedication, and the comprehensive support of Sellvia, success is not just a possibility – it’s within reach.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And with high-ticket dropshipping, each step is a leap towards financial independence and ecommerce mastery. It’s time to transform your online store into a high profit margin powerhouse! Sellvia is here to guide you through every step of the way – book a free consultation with our Forbes-level business advisors and enjoy your money-making journey.

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