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Verified Dropshipping Suppliers In USA To Make Your Customers Happy: Who Are They?

by Artyom K. | | 16 min read

How to make your customers happy and trigger more sales with no extra efforts? You should collaborate with reliable suppliers only. Are you looking for verified dropshipping suppliers in the USA? Give Sellvia a try: we are committed to let you boost your credibility and provide your buyers with top-quality products and top-level dropshipping service!

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You’re what you sell

a picture showing how to choose dropshipping suppliers in USA

Everyone deserves a chance to change his or her life for the better. This is the reason why we do our best to provide all the people worldwide with this option.

Anyone in the world can start a dropshipping business FOR FREE & TODAY. It doesn’t require you to make any investments or have some skills or experience — you don’t risk anything, why not give it a try?

This is only your desire that is crucial. Even if you’re a total ecommerce newbie, today you’re able to build a store, and tomorrow it will bring you financial freedom and things like that, you know, allowing you to make your dreams come true.

Yet, if you want to build a successful store and grow it into a large and credible business, you should make the right decision on the supplier to collaborate with. This is the one your business mostly depends on.

The dropshipping business model lets you avoid all the heavy and risk-related activities and do the most interesting tasks while your supplier takes over shipping, packaging, etc.

Beyond this, this is the supplier who is responsible for the quality of products you will sell and initial prices that will dictate how much you will earn.

So if you choose the wrong supplier to work with, one can minimize all the hard work done to build a credible business in no time.

However, if you manage to find worthwhile dropshipping supplier in USA and use all the benefits it provides, you can boost your credibility without lifting a finger. Best part is this credibility will work for you on the long-term basis, bringing you crowds of buyers for the years to come, with no extra efforts from you.

How to spot fake dropshipping wholesalers


Starting a dropshipping business can be exciting, but it can also be challenging to find the right suppliers. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are legitimate. Here are a few tips to help you spot the real deal and build successful partnerships with wholesale suppliers. Remember, with the right research and due diligence, you can find the perfect supplier for your business and achieve your goals!

#1. Ongoing fees 

When searching for wholesale suppliers, it’s important to be aware of any ongoing fees they may charge. A key sign of a legitimate supplier is that they do not require a monthly fee for vendor dropshipping or the privilege of doing business with them. Keep in mind that supplier directories, which are collections of wholesale suppliers organized by product or market, may charge a fee, but this does not necessarily mean the directory itself is illegitimate. Always do your research and due diligence to ensure you’re working with a reputable supplier or directory.

#2. They sell to everyone 

Order fulfillment is always an important aspect in any business. When searching for wholesale suppliers, it’s important to ensure that they only sell to businesses, and not to the general public. This is because genuine wholesale pricing is only available to those who have applied for a wholesale account, proven that they are a legitimate business, and have been approved before placing their first order. Vendors who offer products to the general public at “wholesale” prices are simply retailers offering items at inflated prices.

However, there may be some legitimate dropshipping fees that you’ll encounter in your search for suppliers. Such as per-order fees or minimum order size requirements. It’s always important to do your research and due diligence to ensure you’re working with a reputable supplier.

  • Pre-order fees 

When working with a dropshipping supplier, it’s common to encounter per-order fees. These fees cover the costs of packaging and shipping individual orders, which can be more expensive than shipping bulk orders. Many wholesalers charge a per-order dropshipping fee, which can range from $2 to $5 or more, depending on the size and complexity of the items being shipped. This is a standard practice in the industry, and these fees should be taken into account when setting prices for your customers. Remember that by finding the right supplier, you can save money in the long run and keep your customers happy.

  • Minimum order sizes

When working with a dropshipping supplier, it’s possible to come across suppliers that have a minimum initial order size. This is a way for them to filter out window-shopping merchants who may not make significant orders. This may cause some complications for your business, especially if your average order size is around $100 and the supplier’s minimum order size is $500. However, there is a way to navigate this situation in a way that benefits both you and the supplier. You can offer to pre-pay the supplier $500, which will create a credit that you can apply to future dropshipping orders. This will allow you to meet the supplier’s minimum purchase requirement without having to place a large order when you don’t have corresponding customer orders. With this approach, you’ll be able to build a sustainable partnership with your supplier and achieve success in your business.

Tips for working with dropshipping wholesalers

Congratulations, now that you know how to spot legitimate wholesale suppliers from frauds, it’s time to start your search for dropshipping vendors! There are many different strategies you can use to find the perfect supplier for your business. Some methods may be more effective than others, so we’ve listed them in order of preference and effectiveness to help you make the best choice. Remember that with the right research and due diligence, you can find the perfect supplier for your business and achieve your goals. Happy hunting!

  • Contact the manufacturer

Discovering legitimate dropshipping wholesalers doesn’t have to be difficult! If you know the product(s) you want to dropship, simply call the manufacturer and ask for their wholesale dropshippers list. Reach out to each wholesaler to find out if they offer dropshipping and ask about setting up an account. This is an effective way to rapidly source a selection of products within the niche you’re interested in. With a few simple calls to the top manufacturers in a niche, you can quickly identify the best dropshipping providers in that market.

  • Search using Google 

Finding high-quality dropshipping wholesalers with Google doesn’t have to be a challenge. Do a deep dive and search extensively – you may have to look through hundreds of results to find the wholesaler’s website. Don’t let a poor website design fool you – many legitimate wholesalers have outdated websites. Be sure to include keyword modifiers like “distributor,” “reseller,” “bulk,” “warehouse,” and “supplier” in your search queries for the best results. With a bit of determination, you can locate the perfect wholesaler for your dropshipping business!

  • Order from the competition

If you’re having difficulty finding product suppliers for dropshipping, one way to uncover potential sources is the order-from-the-competition trick. Here’s how it works: place a small order with a competitor and when the package arrives, use the return address to track down the original shipper. In some cases, the shipper will be a supplier you can contact. This is a strategy that others have used successfully, but it’s not a foolproof solution. Before relying on this technique, consider if there are market factors that are preventing you from finding suppliers. For example, the market may be too small or there may not be enough demand to justify a supplier. Keep this technique in mind as a possible solution, but don’t rely on it too heavily.

Why dropship from the USA?


Dropshipping from the USA can also provide you with a competitive edge.  

Many worldwide brands turn to various US dropshipping suppliers to source their products from. If big names are doing so, what’s stopping you? However, there are a few things to know before teaming up with one. 

With US dropshipping suppliers, you can offer exclusive, hard-to-find items that may not be available from Chinese suppliers. You can also benefit from better customer service and the ability to customize products and services. Plus, you’ll have complete control over your inventory, allowing you to make sure that you always have the products that you need in stock.

Dropshipping from the USA is an excellent way to keep your customers happy and ensure that your business is always running smoothly. Below are some reasons why you should consider a USA dropshipping supplier:

#1. Shipping benefits

Shopping online should be a smooth and enjoyable experience! With USA dropshippers, you can rest assured that your customers will get their packages quickly and safely. Fast shipping times mean they will be more satisfied and likely to purchase from you again. With USA dropshippers, you can provide a quality shopping experience that keeps customers coming back!

So, working with USA dropshippers can ensure:

  • Fast shipping

With fast shipping options, your customers can enjoy their purchases quickly. In the US, it typically takes between 1-3 days for your items to arrive. This fast service makes customers happy, which can lead to repeat purchases and positive reviews – the best marketing tools for your business!

You can give your customers a great experience by using a USA dropshipping supplier that offers fast shipping. With same-day and overnight delivery options, you can provide your customers with the convenience they need. Make sure you find the right supplier to get the job done and give your customers the best experience possible.

  • A reliable tracking system

Provide your customers with a reliable way to keep tabs on their packages with the trusted tracking systems of UPS, and USPS. With these reliable services, your customers can stay informed and rest assured that their package is on its way.

  • Various shipping options

US courier services offer a variety of shipping solutions to meet your needs. Get your package where it needs to go with a next-day, second-day, or third-day delivery – or even same-day delivery in certain cases. No matter your urgency, there is an option for you. Prices may vary depending on the speed of delivery, but you can choose the service that works best for you.

#2. Product benefits

American dropshipping suppliers may be more expensive than their Asian counterparts, however, the quality of their products is worth the added costs. Customers recognize this and are increasingly prioritizing quality, fair trade, and ethical production methods when they shop. You can capitalize on this by charging higher prices and offering your customers the assurance that they are getting top-notch products.

Below are some product benefits of using USA dropshipping suppliers:

  • Higher quality

US manufacturers are renowned for their superior products. People recognize the value of quality and are willing to pay extra for it. Invest in a US product and you’re guaranteed quality that won’t disappoint.

Deliver more than what you promise! When your customers receive products that exceed their expectations, they will be sure to come back for more and spread the word about your store and its products. Quality should be your top priority when dropshipping to ensure that your customers remain loyal and keep coming back to your store. Investing in products that are of top-notch quality is the way to go for long-term success!

  • “American-made” stamp of approval

When you choose to make your products in America, you’ll be able to proudly stamp “American-made” on them! This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that will help you stand out from the competition on Amazon and eBay. Showcase your products with American pride!

  • Higher retail prices

Investing in American-made products is a win-win for your business! Not only will your customers appreciate the quality of the product, but you can keep your profit margins the same or even increase them. Plus, you can confidently pass on the cost of American-made products to your customers.

#3. Easier return process

If you’re looking for a straightforward solution for returns, USA dropshipping suppliers are the way to go! With their warehouses located in the same country as your customer, the return process is quick and simple. Plus, you can expect excellent return policies from your USA dropshipping supplier, making it even easier for your customers to get the satisfaction they deserve!

Ensure that you get all of the necessary product warranty and return information from your supplier. Carefully read through the details and take your time to understand the coverage that is available. You want to make sure that the supplier takes on as much responsibility as possible if you experience any issues with the products.

How to find verified dropshipping suppliers in the USA for your business

a picture showing how to start an ecommerce business

Happy customers are what determines the success of your business. And this is your potential supplier who affects whether the shopping experience in your store makes your buyers happy. But how to find verified dropshipping suppliers in the USA to make your customers happy and business flourish?

Method #1: use the trial and error approach

You can start looking for reliable dropshipping suppliers in the USA on your own — it’s how the trial and error approach works.

Time is money.

This method helps you find dropshipping suppliers to your liking. Yet, it can take you too much time, money, and effort. Moreover, each failure will cost you your business credibility that it will be difficult to recover.

Are there any ways to minimize your risks when you’re looking for dropshipping suppliers in USA to collaborate with? Yes, there’re some.

One of them is to pay particular attention to those suppliers that are willing to take care of your business.

Method #2: check those who are willing to care for you

If you want to team up with a trustworthy dropshipping suppliers in USA to make your customers happy with products you provide, whether you sell beauty products or consumer electronics, and avoid any risks, you need to look at those suppliers that are glad to share with you all your burning issues to let you have a convenient business journey.

Who are such dropshipping suppliers? Sellvia is one of them!

Looking for dropshipping suppliers in the USA? Sellvia is something greater

a picture showing a trustworthy dropshipping supplier to deal with

Sellvia is not just one of the dropshipping suppliers in USA. This is a whole ecosystem that takes care of product selection, fast shipping, marketing, branding like top worldwide brands do, etc.

We’re happy to take care of multiple issues related to your business management. We do this to let you easily make your customers happy and enjoy your business journey!

  • Wide assortment of trending products to sell

No more market analysis and stuff like that!

In the catalog of Sellvia, you’ll find a wide range of only the best products to sell. We have tested them on our own dropshipping stores, and they proved to be perfect for ecommerce!

Do you have a hobby? This is a high time to convert it into a source of your financial independence with Sellvia: we’ve added high-quality products with low initial prices from multiple niches. So you’ll definitely find the ones you’re a great expert in to provide your customers with the best options on the market!

  • Fast shipping & order processing

No more refunds & returns!

The most common reasons for returns and refunds are prolonged shipping time. US citizens wish to receive their orders within several days after the order placement.

Sellvia is happy to ensure the fast shipping option and fast order processing and order fulfillment: your customers will receive their orders within 1-3 business days plus one day for order processing.

As you know, not all the players on the market are able to ensure fast delivery. So with Sellvia, your business is one step ahead of others. Provide your customers with what they need at a time convenient for them and enjoy making a difference.

  • Marketing materials for the products

No more poor advertising campaigns and rewriting product descriptions!

This is a perfect approach to learn from your mistakes. But, actually, we’ve provided you with a chance to use time-tested, proven-to-be-profitable marketing materials that are available for free in our Marketing Academy!

What’s more, each product on Sellvia is followed by a stellar product page made according to every item’s features individually. It remains for you only to import them to your website in a couple of clicks and enjoy the well-thought-out process of running a dropshipping business.

  • Ways to grow your business

Are you afraid of being left alone? No way!

At Sellvia, we’re committed to help you get a smooth start in dropshipping and then run your business with no effort at any stage!

Our top-class customer service is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Beyond this, we’ve created a huge amount of marketing materials to let you grow your business easily.

Yet, you have a chance to leave your business growth to our team of experts that are happy to help you boost your business in no time as you let them work on:

A desire to make a difference. How does Sellvia differ from other dropshipping suppliers in the USA? We wish to provide our clients with unique opportunities to start a dropshipping business and provide their customers with products they feel they lack. We do our best to make a difference and let you do the same. Would you like to be proud of what you’re doing? Team up with Sellvia to make your customers happy!

by Artyom K.
Artyom is a copywriter at Sellvia. BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising let him start his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. For a number of years now, Artyom has been creating educational materials to help people worldwide start their profitable ecommerce ventures and discover their full potential.
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