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10 Business Ideas For Women To Try In 2022

by Olga L. | | 10 min read

Did you know that women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US? According to the National Women’s Business Council report, in 2019, women-owned businesses represented 42% of all US businesses, employed 9.4 million workers, and generated $1.9 trillion in revenue. As women-owned businesses are on the rise, there’s never been a better time to start your own! Here are some great offline and online business ideas for women to help you hit the ground running.

Offline business ideas for women to explore

Offline business ideas for women

#1 A daycare center

Those who have some childcare experience and enjoy spending time with kids may consider providing childcare services. A daycare business is highly demanded as many working parents always need someone who can take care of their toddlers. However, to establish an in-home daycare, you’ll need proper licenses and insurance. The start-up cost can range from $10,000 to $50,000. Your revenue, at the same time, is not that easy to estimate in advance. It will depend on many factors: the area, the number of kids enrolled, the number of employees, the educational program, and so on.

#2 A bakery business

Why not turn a hobby into a profitable business? If you love baking, consider trying a new profession right from the comfort of your home. All you need to get your business rolling is a little investment in equipment, a bit of creativity, and fresh, high-quality products. Start baking for your family and friends, ask for their recommendations and promote yourself on social media platforms. A bakery business can give you a source of extra income throughout the year with some inevitable seasonal ups and downs.

#3 Event planning

The special event industry has grown significantly in the past decade. For example, in the United States alone, the market size of the party and event planner sector is expected to reach 3.03 billion in 2021.

In general, event planning services are divided into two categories: corporate and social. You may choose a narrow niche first and start with smaller local events, gradually expanding your business to more types of events and attracting a wider audience. A start-up cost for an event planning business is estimated to fall in the $15,000-$25,000 range.

#4 A fitness instructor

Are you a yoga lover? Do you enjoy working out? Or maybe you are a fitness fan in general? Well, consider becoming a personal instructor and start making money with something that brings you joy. Keep in mind, though, that it takes some time to become a self-employed coach as you will need a degree, certification, and some experience to build a reputation for yourself and find your first loyal clients.

#5 A craft business

If you have a knack for making greeting cards, jewellery, candles, handbags, knitted stuff, and so on, you definitely should start a crafts business. People appreciate the one-of-a-kind products made by a real person. So, why not create something special and make money on it? You can sell your goods at craft shows, pop-up shops, and through online stores and platforms. To start off, it will be enough to create just a couple of products to test the waters. If your idea pans out, continue making something new to expand your business.

Online business ideas for women to try out

Online business ideas for women

#6 Freelance writing

Do you love writing and have a way with words? Well, then freelance writing looks like your dream job. Start by taking on different writing projects occasionally, practicing different types of writing. This path will gradually lead you to a specific writing niche, and as a result, you’ll have a flexible freelance career. There are plenty of marketplaces you can advertise your services on such as Freelancer, PeoplePerHour,, Contena, and many others.

Freelance writing is a great small business opportunity to tie in alongside running a personal blog. Gaining experience in different spheres by practically doing the same job will benefit both sides of your business.

#7 Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the top business ideas for women. All you need to do is find your niche, first of all. It can be literally anything: food, beauty, sports, photography, child care, finance, book review, and so on. Just choose whatever you are most passionate about. Then create an appealing website: a simple platform like WordPress will be enough, and you’ll be ready to go! Of course, it will take some time to bring enough visitors and build your blog into something that will bring in a full-time income. Still, as a blogger, you will be able to make money through ads, sponsorships, or even selling your own products and services.

#8 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another business opportunity that ties in perfectly with blogging. Affiliate marketing means advertising other people’s or companies’ products on your blog. As an affiliate, you will receive a unique affiliate link (or code) that leads to a third party’s product web page. If your readers click the link and make a transaction, you’ll get a commission from the company. Go here for more insights – and hopefully, for your first (or next) affiliate subscription. 😉

#9 Bookkeeping

Let’s be honest, people don’t really enjoy managing their finances and taxes. And entrepreneurs are not an exception. That’s why providing record keeping and management services remains one of the best business ideas for women. As a bookkeeper, you can provide such services as bank reconciliation, payroll, e-filing, income tax preparation, and more. Besides being extremely accurate and good with numbers, you also need experience with bookkeeping or accounting on a professional level.

#10 Ecommerce business

With no need to keep your own inventory and a chance to get full-scale guidance from A to Z, launching an ecommerce store is one of the easiest online businesses to start.

In order to sell trending and lucrative products through your ecommerce store, it’s enough to register with a reliable provider. Sellvia, a full-scale ecommerce ecosystem with its own stock of hot products in California is an excellent choice for both the women who are just starting their business and those who are looking for their existing business expansion.

Five women who turned to ecommerce and triumphed [Success stories]

We always recommend starting an ecommerce business due to the very reason — ecommerce has proven to be a hassle-free and profitable business option to try.

We have highlighted for you the journeys of five inspiring women who dipped their toes into the realm of ecommerce and emerged as successful entrepreneurs. From different walks of life, each one decided to venture into the online marketplace, using Sellvia to grow their businesses.

Today, they’re all proud owners of flourishing enterprises that not only generate stable income but also allow them to balance their personal and professional lives. Their stories will undoubtedly inspire you to take the first step towards realizing your dream of starting an ecommerce business. Here they come!

Story #1: Cleopatra’s journey


Cleopatra, a London-based lawyer, felt the need for an additional income stream and found the answer in ecommerce. She launched her own online store focusing on the Babies & Parents niche, powered by Sellvia. Instead of limiting herself to one niche, she decided to expand her product offerings across various niches, becoming a one-stop shop for all needs.

She adopted an effective promotional strategy using Facebook ads and regular ad performance reviews. Within seven months, she was able to make an impressive $4,140.24. Despite being a part-time venture, Cleopatra’s store thrived, proving that with the right platform and strategy, anyone can succeed in ecommerce.

Story #2: Ksenia’s leap


Ksenia, a mother based in Los Angeles, wanted to utilize her maternity leave productively. A former hairdresser, she was new to the world of ecommerce but took the plunge anyway. She started her online store in the Family niche with Sellvia’s assistance, focusing on products she herself had used and liked.

She utilized Facebook and Google ads, along with the Social Rabbit plugin for auto-posting on social media. Within three months, she earned $2,520.24, all while caring for her 7-month-old daughter. Her story is a testament to the fact that ecommerce can be a perfect business model for those juggling multiple responsibilities, especially moms.

Story #3: Nilla’s turnaround


Nilla, a preschool teacher from Finland, found herself with an unexpected opportunity when she had to take a sick leave for six weeks following a leg surgery. She seized this chance to delve into online business opportunities that required low initial investments. This research led her to Sellvia.

She started her own online store in the Health & Beauty niche, focusing on trending USA-made products. With the help of an external marketer, she leveraged paid ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote her store. Although her earnings remain unspecified, her successful foray into ecommerce demonstrates that even a setback can be turned into an opportunity with the right mindset and platform.

Story #4: Rena’s determination

a picture showing a lady who started her ecommerce website she is proud of

Rena, a physician from the U.S., was searching for a flexible work schedule that would allow her to take care of her son’s medical condition. She stumbled upon ecommerce and decided to take her chances. She started her online store in the Family niche, powered by Sellvia. Her unique product strategy focused on Sellvia’s catalog, which offered her easier access to marketing materials.

Rena’s promotion strategies were diverse, from Instagram posting, Facebook giveaways, and auto-posting on social media with the Social Rabbit plugin, to blogging, and creating YouTube and TikTok videos. She made a modest $22.49 in two weeks, but for Rena, her venture was more than just about income.

It was a stepping stone towards her goal of meaningful medical mission work. Despite her personal challenges, Rena’s story highlights how ecommerce can be a helpful tool in pursuing larger aspirations.

Story #5: Maria’s breakthrough


Maria, a special needs therapist based in Miami, had never thought she would make her first sale within a week of launching her online store in the Outdoors, Sports & Fitness niche. Supported by Sellvia, she constantly updated her product offerings every three days to have the hottest ones on offer.

Her promotional strategies were as dynamic as her product offerings. She purchased Sellvia products to film unique video content, conducted paid ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and utilized Sellvia’s Social Media Package and Email Marketing service.

In just three weeks, Maria was able to earn $685.80. Her ecommerce journey transformed her from a newcomer to a strategically-focused businesswoman. Maria’s story is an inspirational reminder that ecommerce is the future and a lucrative way to supplement one’s income.

These women are the embodiment of the adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” From different backgrounds and with varying challenges, they found common ground in ecommerce. Their determination, coupled with the right support from platforms like Sellvia, has led them to find success in the online marketplace. Each story is a testament to the power of ecommerce and a call to action for those considering taking the plunge.

There are lots of business ideas for women to give a try. Each of them is great in its own way. We are happy to share with you the success stories of women that gave ecommerce a try with our support and made a fortune. Now you know that ecommerce is the option that definitely allows women to achieve goals and succeed. Will you be the next one who will triumph? One day or day one. It’s up to you to decide. If you’re ready to take your chance, start an ecommerce business with Sellvia today!

by Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for ecommerce newcomers worldwide.
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